Another Penny Stock Psycho To Know


A few months ago, I wrote this blog post about a true penny stock psycho, who happened to be a TIMalert subscriber.

I post these to help you see the kind of people who trade penny stocks so you can better understand why my trading challenge students have an advantage on every single trade.

I receive got thousands of crazy emails, but I plan on featuring only the best. Here’s another penny stock psycho, enjoy:

Becoming a millionaire would buy me freedom
I don’t have a laptop but a desk top,
Have a 9-5 job that I do cuz I have to just had a
Daughter with my girlfriend who is crazy
I sleep on a sofa in my basement. I’m hungry most of the time
But cant afford two much food. And most food goes to
My gf, my baby And her parents who are also crazy
Her dad Doesn’t want to work. I really need to be rich
So that I can buy my freedom from this relationship
So that I don’t have to worry about my baby moma
Who is a fake. And for my daughter which is everything to me.
I could easily leave her, but then I wouldn’t be able to take care of my
Daughter. Plus I would feel bad since she just got a c- section a month
Ago. But I intend to leave once she is on her feet and able to provide for
Her self.

So at the moment I can’t afford a subscription
I don’t even have start up money, all I can do is research
And educate my self, which I love to do. I understand that the best
Way to get things in life is to deserve them and I have no problem
Working hard to learn your method as long as it pays off.
And my dream is to become self sufficient.

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