Why I Rescheduled My $100,000 Trip To Italy From November To February 2013


A few weeks go, I was very proud to announce my newt strategy for “Creating A Millionaire From Scratch” and it was called Inner Circle.

Read all about the Inner Circle here and email admin@timothysykes.com if you want in as we only have a few spots.

Part of the reason why I got this $5 million mansion in Miami Beach was to teach students here…trade alongside them…coach them in person…etc etc, but it takes a few weeks to get furniture for a 7,000+ square foot house so I was gonna go do an Inner Circle in Rome, Italy in the middle of this month as I waited for my Miami pad to be fully operational.

I was VERY excited as you can see by this post about the advantages of trading from Europe, but those who were scheduled to attend know I had to delay my Italian trip as a very important/time sensitive project has recently come up.

When you see what I canceled my Italian trip for, you’ll understand, but for now know that I’m scheduled to return to Italy in mid-February…so you European students get excited for an Inner Circle then and I will definitely be going then as I couldn’t get out of some of my hotels — since I booked a few presidential suites at discount rates by paying all upfront…so they only cost $5-7k/night instead of the normal $10-15k/night…yup, it was gonna be $100,000 roughly for 2 weeks — and I’m not gonna waste that money/these suites, especially since they’re gonna be SO inspirational for you students who are coming all the way to Rome to learn from me in person! (One of them is famous for being the suite which Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have used)

So the exclusive Inner Circle events will be in December and January in Miami Beach and February in Rome…again, email admin@timothysykes.com and my team will see if you’re worthy of my time/teaching…my strategy has made over a dozen people $100,000+, but I’m still on the lookout to create a millionaire from scratch so that is my sole focus now.

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  • Ed

    What do you mean from scratch, as in knowledge or from a financial point of view?

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    as in both…i started with just $12k

  • Ed

    pretty exciting plan, wish you the best of luck finding that one millionaire student.

  • sam

    I learn hard actually very hard,,,, and i am from the country from where i cant trade broker doesn’t allow to open account from here.. no method of funding even paypal doesnt works here… even if i want to buy tims level 2 dvd i cant buy.. it .. OH god save me …. I am tired of learning i dont have any ways to take action….

  • sam

    Tim removed my comment… :) I am serious … its not a joke 😛

  • Mark

    hey Tim, i viewed all your free Videos (by the way, i’m a challenge subscriber too) and waiting for your instructional emails that comes once a day, and so far most of it has been your students’ success, but i just can’t wait to learn the real deal from you. As of right now, i’m the lost sheep that’s tired of ‘investing’ and struggling to fight to keep my profits from the market and I really need you, as the shepherd to lead the way through short selling.