The Biggest Pump And Dump Ever? [MIND BOGGLING INFOGRAPHIC]

As my trading challenge students and subscribers of my 4 newsletters have learned from making in excess of $5 million in just a few years (see all their trades here), There are pumps and dumps like THIS $700 million penny stock pump and like THIS $100+ million one whose headquarters were very suspicious…and then are multi-billion dollar ones like this:

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  • Bill

    Tim, the graphic is far too small. It’s not legible. Please provide a link to it and make it much larger. Thanks.

  • timothysykes

    Click the image genius it gets bigger

  • Bill

    Hey Tim,

    You are 30 something years old with the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. Grow up man.

  • timothysykes

    nah just no patience to deal with morons

  • HLNet

    And that’s part of what makes you so legit. So f’n treal.

  • HLNet

    So real.

  • G

    Has any1 made any money shorting fb?

  • mark

    Yup, and that’s why I like tim (no homo)

  • mark

    Haha yeah, tell you the truth, couple months ago when I was still in Afghanistan, few officers even came to me to ask if Facebook is a good buy (I was just a little lance corporal, but known for following the stock market around the section) and I told them don’t even look at it, it’s shit. but they were like well, Fb is so big, it generates so much profit it’s powerful. (I was thinking wow I thought officers are smarter than us because they are college graduates) but all i could say is yes sir.

  • mark

    I would’ve even before i studied Tim’s materials, but i just didn’t know how to lol. oh well, I missed a good shot.

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