A Great Penny Stock Breakout, The Best Sushi Restaurant In Miami And My New Car

SO much going on, you need to see this:

1. This Trading Challenge student is now up 100%+ in 6 months, he just emailed me bragging

2. This stock is breaking out today, add a few more thousand to our $50,000+ profits..I’m long right now and loving life!!!!

3. I just posted the first photo of my new Car…why get 1 Supercars when you can get 2 for 1.5x the price :)

4. This video cracks me up, watch it when you’re sad

5. I found the BEST sushi restaurant last night, when these guys come down to Miami I’m gonna take them there!


Timothy Sykes

PS This millionaire’s 30% off sale with the coupon code TRADERWEDDING ends Sunday November 4th at midnight

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  • JC

    doraku on lincoln road, fasho

  • Asshat Tim Sykes

    Tim, you are a fat ugly jew. Miami and sushi will not change this

  • ted

    its a shame you never talk about the charities you help out tim??

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    actually i have my own scholarship, its ashame you can’t research, i’ve written several blog posts about it

  • ted

    what only several posts in the last 4 years?