The Trading Lifestyle In Miami Beach [REAL VIDEO]

Because I’m an actual trader who has profited nearly $3 million in the stock market the past few years and my students have now made roughly $4 million since I began my newsletters in 2008 (yup, they’re doing better than me in much shorter time…see their profits HERE and HERE and HERE) and I only teach due to my being thrust into the spotlight thanks to this popular Wall Street TV show which you can watch HERE on Hulu, I find myself constantly trying to show what a real trader’s lifestyle is like.

(Contrary to most who teach about the stock market/trading as they are failed traders/investors, being absolute frauds and liars (if you’re going to the Trader’s Expo this week in NYC I dare you to ask those selling products — whether its software, newsletters, DVDs or private coaching — to show you trade-by-trade year-in-year-out how much money they’ve made, and that of their students, and why if they’re so successful are they willing to share their “successful strategies” with you….as I have FULLY explained the rational for my being a teacher rather than simply an independent trader.)

Because trading is NOT just about the ability to make a lot of $ very quickly.

That’s definitely a great motivator, but the true beauty of trading is that you can do it from anywhere in the world and on your schedule, thus allowing you to live a VERY fun-filled life…unlike most on Wall Street who make great $ but who become slaves to their jobs/corporate owners.

And that’s why I think EVERYONE should get into trading, if not full-time, definitely part-time to make a few extra bucks like this business owner/family man who makes a cool $50,000+/year in his spare time with my trading strategy.

I’ve previously written about “How The Rewards Of Day Trading Outweigh The Risks 3 To 1″, but here’s a visual reminder filmed during my recent trip to Miami…as my friend Andrew Bachman, CEO of says “The really funny thing about this video is that it has zero fabrication. It is absolutely, exactly, as our lifes are.”

Miami Trading Lifestyle

And yes, that’s a custom-made Profitly t-shirt, no guys better ask me for one!

Definitely check out some of my other REAL trading lifestyle videos below where you can see me making trades in Greece, on a private jet (surprisingly good wifi) and from my plush Central Park pad:

(yah I talk with my hands a lot as you can see, no need to email me about this :)

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  • Jovan Hernandez

    as silly as ur videos may be, i find them enjoyable, and actually motivating

  • ted

    tim how much did that blonde cost you in the miami video? she didnt look cheap

  • Mlevin2

    You have easily put on 30 lbs in the past 2 years. haha

  • Anonymous

    more like 40 lbs, i eat assumptions for breakfast lunch and dinner, its a lot

  • Anonymous


  • Pete Simpson

    She looks like a hooker