4 More FAQs From One Of My Estudantes

I’ve got a bunch of FAQs listed at http://www.timothysykes.com/tag/faqs but here are a few more form :

1. Do you still offer PennyStocking PRO and Gold? If yes, is there any link for more details about them? (I don’t see them here tho http://www.timothysykes.com/plans)

PRO is still offered, its just not listed on the site because it’s for serious students only…you get to IM/Skype with me all day long and no you don’t get trade alerts ahead of time but you see exactly what i’m watching and why…gotta contact us at http://www.timothysykes.com/contact if you’re interested, its $1500/month, non-negotiable (trust me, I’ve had a few people who have tried)

PennyStocking Gold was basically solid longterm research which is now my longer term newsletter Penny Stock Millionaire!

2. Are Chatrooms/IMs/Videos functioning on your blog? Or all of them are moved to Profitly?

All chat/trade alerts/videos are now on http://profit.ly/profiding and yes we still have IMs for the time being until everyone is moved over to the new platform.

3. What is the routine when new user subscribes to your 4 newsletters and how long does it take? (I imagine that like this: for example new user chooses one of your newsletters and transfers $ to your paypal account by clicking on corresponding link, then someone (on your site) handles that request and gives him login/password via email. Next step that new subscriber opens Profitly account and submits his newsletter account (which he received in previous step) then someone on your site ties his profit.ly account with his newsletter account. At this point he should have access to profiding where he has access to chatrooms/alerts/videos depending on the type of his newsletter). If I’m wrong, correct me please.

Yes it’s all done manually because we’re moving over so within 24-36 hours

5. How do Penny Stock Millionaire subscribers receive alerts (email, IM…)?

PSM has to signup here http://bit.ly/edjHov and there are emails and text messages, no IMs because we don’t own the newsletter, I’m just the hired guru!

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