The 6 Best Stocks For Poor People

Watch this hilarious video of Mark Zuckerberg & employees at early Facebook offices & realize you don’t have to be that smart to get rich

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $210,500ish, up 43% in 2011, up 56% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and is now up 1,583% since 11/07 start

Total Account Balance: $853,300ish up 42% in 2011 so far, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $5,000ish profit day for subscribers and (+$300 day for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profitly to see how everyone’s doing

GREENWAY DESIGN GP (GDGI), EMAMBA INTERNATIONAL CORP (EMBA), Location Based Technologies Inc (LBAS) and LATITUDE SOLUTIONS INC (LATI), TAKEDOWN ENTMNT INC (TKDN) and LONE STAR GOLD INC (LSTG) are all potential shorts this week, especially LBAS and LATI as they are the two oldest pumps of the bunch so their time will come shortly…ALFSS, always look for shares to short

Zillow Inc (Z) is a weeks old earnings winner that has no dropped 20% in a few days after performing a perfect double top in the $38 range…is there very negative news on the horizon to account for the drop or is it just technical? I bought at $29 aiming for a $1-2/share bounce and I will be watching it closely

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