How To Turn $2,500 Into $200,000+ In 2 Years [VIDEO]

Gotta love this stuff:

I know I promised a full broker post on Friday, but alas there are too many great

plays right now and trading takes priority as I had an $8,000 profit week capped

off by a trade smack in the middle of Friday’s LiveStock episode:


Watch me scurry off stage to do the trade & nail a 13% drop


This LiveStock episode is especially important to watch because forget about my

somewhat difficult-to-implement strategy of short selling pumps, my guests on

this episode were two traders who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars the

past 2 years — and we’re talking two regular guys who have now both been able to

quit their jobs — by buying and holding specific stocks for specific time periods…

a strategy that ANYONE can implement, no special broker or margin account required.


And they each started with less than $10,000, Messier’s account has risen from $2,500

to $200,000+ in 2 years while Havrilla has made $300,000+


Watch this 75 minute free video of LiveStock in the NYC studio


And do check out their brand new book “How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks” and

12-hour DVD package “The Ultimate Guide To Biotech Stocks” and use the coupon

code IMSPECIAL to receive $200 off your purchase price!

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