Did PennyStockChaser Just Get Shut Down?

I keep telling PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers and students of my 10 instructional DVD packages and the world how predictable and corrupt penny stocks and penny stock newsletters are, but you really don’t have to take my word for it — in time, they all prove themselves to be incompetent or thieves or both.

They can try to say I’m lying and they can try to hide it and they can spend millions of dollars on sports advertising or advertising on Howard Stern, but in the end, they always show their true colors.

Remember Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (SPNG) tried suing me and The NY Post (2 months later and I have yet to be served), claiming a vast short selling conspiracy (they forgot that I disclose all my trades openly and I made a whopping $630 shorting their stock, which was fully disclosed)– a few days after the alleged lawsuit, the authorities raided SpongeTech’s offices and arrested their executives alleging some very nasty fraud and ponzi scheme-type illegal activities dating back to 2007. The two execs are out on $2 million bail, but somehow when the government alleges they sold 2.5 billion shares, 99% of their sales were fake, they made up fake lawyers, wrote fake legal letters, etc. I’m not too worried and now I wear that alleged lawsuit (come and serve me already you morons!) as a badge of honor.

So it was a bit of a surprise when PennyStockChaser, one of the most blatantly corrupt penny stock promoters who TheStreetSweeper.org and I have both ridiculed and spit at (I dunno about Melissa Davis, but if I had my way, we’d tar and feather this promoter for sins against humanity), sent out an email last week claiming I’ve been right about the amount of corruption in penny stock land and that he would soon be issuing short sell alerts.

Fast forward to today where PennyStockChaser’s website is down and his spam-built twitter profile is now for protected tweets only:


The rumors are PennyStockChaser has been shutdown and given that ridiculous email sent last week and my 10+ years experience in corrupt penny stock land, I’d guess they are probly true….the IRS, FBI, CIA, SEC, FTC, heck even the friggin FCC–any of them can be responsible, my second guess is we’ll find out soon.

If PSC is shutdown, it marks an end to his reign of terror and it’s too bad he didn’t get to use his email list for any good PSC, becoming one of my affiliates coulda paid his probable legal bills!

As always, a new corrupt promoter will soon takeover PSC’s spot and subscribers to my 4 newsletters will continue profiting legally from trading off of their predictable corruption and penny stock manipulation.

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  • Lee

    Tim, I admire you, but be careful…sometimes we need the bad guys.

  • Sykes4president

    Hey time not only did PSC get shut down, the stocktwiter did too. That was after pumping EPCG. Look for thestocktwiter account on twitter and it will tell you it has been suspended. BWAHAHAHAHA

  • Sykes4president

    Hey Tim not only did PSC get shut down, the stocktwiter did too. That was after pumping EPCG. Look for thestocktwiter account on twitter and it will tell you it has been suspended. BWAHAHAHAHA ………edit of my first post

  • http://twitter.com/AlexeiPavlov Alexei pavlov

    we need those guys so we can short..

  • http://twitter.com/AlexeiPavlov Alexei pavlov

    We need these sites , so we can short the stocks,,

  • http://twitter.com/reapertrades Michael Goode

    I would much rather go out of business and have to make an honest living than continue to see stock pumpers swindle people.

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