Wall Street Warriors Season 3: This Is What I Know

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As I posted on the fast becoming popular Investimonials discussion forums (there are also threads on which brokers I use and recommend and how I use them), the following is what I know about Wall Street Warriors Season 3, so prepare to be emailed a link to this blog post if you guys keep emailing me!!

I get emails about this every day so this is thread to discuss WSW3. Currently, the show is looking for a home, the producers are supposedly negotiating with several high profile networks. We’ll see–considering they filmed right during the crash and it seems a little outdated now, my guess is they caught some rich dude losing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on camera and he’s blocking them from ever showing it…just a guess though. I do know after the success of season 1 and 2, they got some true bigtimers for this lastest season, it’s a shame it hasn’t aired yet.

I have done some blog posts on the subject, namely showing off the opening video of Wall Street Wariors season 3 which is on youtube:

PS I am still friendly with the producers, but please stop emailing me to be on the show–it doesn’t even have a home for season 3 yet so stop asking about season 4…I did a casting call blog post years ago but Google doesn’t know any better so hopefully this thread becomes popular.

PPS Thanks to all the fans in Hong Kong, Australia and Poland, it’s crazy all the countries this TV show is in now, if you have any questions for me, visit my website http://www.timothysykes.com and no I’m not a fraud, stop googling that junk!

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  • Juho

    It’s kinda strange that this season has actually aired here in Finland…Anywhere else?

  • The Reaper

    I just heard this from a reliable source , can anyone confirm that Tim was struck by a cab (condition critical) leaving the Traders Expo today?

  • http://www.timothysykes.com Anonymous


  • http://www.mobile-forextrading.com/ Jeffco

    I’m really looking forward to S3. Thanks!

  • http://www.reapertrades.com/ Michael Goode (aka Reaper)

    Dude so not cool to use my name to spread such mean rumors.

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