How To Turn $200 Into $4,000 In A Few Months

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Given the academic studies detailing how my strategy profits roughly 75% of the time, I’m not surprised to see some of my students profiting $120,000+, or how they can make $30,000+ on one trade, but it’s the smaller, more common success stories that really warm my heart…

Take this guy from Hartford, CT who joined Investimonials nearly 2 weeks ago and has posted roughly a dozen reviews on all his favorite and least favorite websites, brokers and instructional DVD packages…with his review of my original PennyStocking DVD package catching my eye the most:

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This is how I turned $200 into $4000.

OK so maybe my story isnt as great as Tims 12k into 2 million but who cares right? I watched this video when traveling cross country and I was instantly hooked. I got home and transfered 200 dollars into my banc of america securities account. Ill have to admit when you start small like this you have to go all in despite what the video says. This video showed me how to buy breakouts and thats what I did. I quickly turned 200 into 2000 and then I started to learn more and became more scared of trading. I then watched the video again and learned to spot key breakout points Over the next couple months I watched a few other tim sykes videos and signed up for tim alerts. I then turned my 2000 into 4000ish. This video was the building block for my part time trading job. I hope to eventually do this full time. This video is a must for all penny stock traders starting out.

PS Since I created Investimonials, we took my instructional DVD packages and 4 newsletters out of the rankings…if we kept them in, I’d be dominating, but it’d appear to be a conflict of interest…I don’t want conflicts, just honest reviews!

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