They Say You’re Only As Good As You’re Last Trade…So $50,000+ In Profits Means…

…I’m doing alright!

If you read my blog post about shorting stocks through TD Ameritrade, you know that TIMalert subscribers and I just cleaned up shorting and covering VG for $50,000+, but below are not only testimonials from some very happy TIMalert subscribers (remember an annual subscription costs only $447 (register HERE) and a nice chunk of subscribers made more than that on this one trade), but also a chart I saved before the big drop in order to illustrate one of several key variables needed to get a probable 30%+ drop (that’s right, I know this chart patterns so very well because it made me a millionaire by age 22 and more importantly, it’s the EXACT chart pattern I teach in my PennyStocking instructional DVDs…which were created two years ago….yes, you’re damn right that I’m saying that some stocks are predictable and I’ve created a study guide to help you profit from it (believe it bitches, the sooner you give into the inevitable, the sooner you’ll be profiting, the more testimonials I’ll have, the circle of PennyStocking, its good for everyone…who are actually knowledgeable)

Anyway here’s the chart pattern that made a 30%+ drop the next day a rather high likelihood:

(if you’re confused, I’m not gonna explain “sideways price action” to you, you’ll need to watch a detailed 6 hour explanation in my money-back guaranteed PennyStocking DVDs (minus small restocking fee for the 5 people out of a few thousand who have actually returned it)

…as evidenced by what I sent to TIMalert subscribers AT 8PM EST THE NIGHT BEFORE THE BIG 30%+ DROP:

Vonage Holdings Corp. (VG) I shorted 3000 shares at $2.27 premarket yesterday when Interactive Brokers finally had shares to short…it was risky since a morning gap/spike was possible, but the sellers were determined and the stock faded nicely all day…plenty of shares to short now and since the stock is up from 45 cents/share and the volume is fading hardcore, I look to cover my short today or tomorrow into panic selling, ideally in the $1.25-$1.50 range…yes, I expect this to really tank, and my already profits of $840 are just the beginning….seen this pattern a million times, again, its my original PennyStocking DVDs focus.

…and look at the happy TIMalert subscribers who absolutely banked when….surprise, surprise….the pattern worked for the 939593th time (an approximation…yes, I can be a dick because I teach the secret to making consistent money in the stock market…phony advertisers be damned, I prove my stuff works on trades like this over and over and over and over again)

+$1193 profit on VG. Thanks, TIm.

+$1645.36, I made just under $3k this week trading VG long and short. I covered way too soon this morning, but profit is profit.

+$130 on VG…it was beautiful to watch it fall

our record speaks for itself, like shorting RTK and VG (which I followed today) thank you for the tip and $2400 (2.20 short and covered early at 2.09; 20,000).

Again great call on VG Tim.. i am close to $5000 profit since joining tim alerts!!! am i dont trade full time.. thanks again!

Short VG @ 2.03.. covered at @ 1.57 for 27% return… Tim this is too easy!

I just recieved my copy of timtactics and I am really enjoying it. I am up almost $4000 dollars since May. Thank you so much keep up the hard work I really appreciate it.

My first TIMalert trade short 2.05 pre market out at 1.67 when it filled the gap less than an hour later for $580. Only regret is that I didn’t short more.

Tim: got out of VG at 1.71 for $350 profit. INCREDIBLE trade, bro. 21% gain in less than 48 hours. this makes my weekend.

+250 on VG!

Shorted 1400 VG @ 2.13 Covered 1400 VG @ 1.74 – $546.28 profit!

300$ dollars in profits – almost 15% gain!!

made $ 424.96 on VG for 1000 stock short @ 2.16 covered @ 1.73

Short @ 1.90, cover @ 1.72 = $630, plus $120 yesterday and $500 the day before all on VG = $1250. Great call time, played out very well.

Tim, +$342 on $VG, up over 45% in August on a starting account value of less than $2K.
-Jeff M.

+150 on VG. Great Call Tim!

Out of VG at 1.6 with $422.50 in profits.

Cashed out Big on VG. Covered my 2k short position @ $1.53 from my initial $2.05 short. Banked $1020 off this supernova, a 25% return!
-Adam N.

$4700 profit on VG, holy shit Tim!

Tim, +$342 on $VG, up over 45% in August on a starting account
value of less than $2K.

VG coverd @1.73 +$130.57 …….thanx Tim!

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