TIM 6 Month Review: Earn 47% While The Markets Drop 10%

Yup, that’s right, tiny, loud mouthed, mistake-celebrating TIM just busted a cap in the ass of the joke that is the financial industry by implementing my own brand of PennyStocking, or short selling penny stocks, a niche that’s supposedly random/akin to gambling and according to Forbes’ oh so popular Investopedia, in their definition of short selling, impossible to short sell! Screw them, the graph below says it all:

Maybe in the future more attention will be paid to this accurate definition of short selling—written by somebody who’s made millions from this strategy instead of some wannabe who’s just the latest journalist joker…you guys remember Sri, the theater major over at CNBC (fired yet?) and TheStreet.com guy who wrote about a product the company had already sold (fired yet?)! How could we forget—after all, their jokes have been very profitable for me and my readers.

Sorry, I digress—my blood is boiling from the amount of misinformation out there—this is a time for celebration and review. After all, while I made plenty of mistakes, a 47% return in 6 months is something to be proud of. So, take a look at all the most important posts during this journey, I promise, no matter what Investopedia says, this strategy is alive and well, legal and learnable (and to you haters, just wait until you see what I can do when I no longer have to deal with the pattern day trader rules, I plan my speaking schedule better and I’m not building a revolutionary new website…when TIM reaches $100k, it’s gonna be damn fun shutting you up as I make $50k+ in 6 months):


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