TIM Lesson: Ashley Dupre Proves Hype Lasts Longer Than Expected

Now we can throw another celebrity into the Ashley Dupre mix: Charlie Sheen. THIS article inspired my good friend Fattie Mattie to craft this pic.

UPDATE: Apparently, Dupre also was close with legendary short seller Jim Chanos!! (says the trashy New York Post) Article is from yesterday, gotta do better gossip research, maybe I just don’t care anymore since there’s no stock with which to play!


I liked it so much, I gave it my website seal of approval—so all you starving artists out there, send me your work and I might also feature it, giving due credit of course.

PS Considering she’s a “high-class” call girl, my Spidey sense tells me the list of celebrity hook ups is just beginning. If you’re a celebrity, raise your hand if you have NOT had sex with Dupre, that line is probly shorter than those who have/will have…

PPS I notice less than 300 people have signed up for my FREE GIVEAWAY of my NO BS $300 Instructional DVD PennyStocking to be awarded to some luck soul at noon on Thursday, March 20. If that’s really all the interest out there, I’ve severely overestimated my market size! It’s 100% free, sign-up damnit!


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  • Ali


  • Mike

    Hey Tim,
    The faux movie poster is cool, but you definitely do not want to associate anybody with your DVD promotion (free or not), for whatever reason, if you don’t have their written consent. Just some free legal advice.

  • casio

    i’m actually quite interested in the free dvd giveaway. i’m still in my studying-how-all-this-stock-stuff-works (-before-i-jump-in-and-lose-it-all) phase and finding useful trading books doesn’t seem to be my specialty. your dvds may prove quite handy.

    and, on the legal front, my interest in your dvds is in no way related to, nor influenced by, the use of eliot (that’s ONE L) spitzer, charlie sheen, or ashley dupre. and if any of them read your blog, minus the hooker, i’m sure it’s because they enjoy it.

  • Mazda3jdm

    Im just a poor boy and nobody loves me-
    Hes just a poor boy from a poor family-
    Spare him his life from this monstrosity-
    Working at McDonalds for minimum wage-
    If i win this DVD i will be supreme-

    Thanks Tim keep me in mind for the win

  • John

    Just an FYI- I’d pay to hit that. Couple gs only though. That’s where I’d draw the line.

  • neil

    the joke has been that sheen was clients 1-8

  • http://theproficientinvestor.com James Wilcox

    I just plugged your contest on both of my blogs…that might bring a few more readers in.

  • http://www.easystockalerts.com Jason

    good post on chanos. i missed that one over here.
    also, thanks for posting to our websites last night regarding bsc.
    best, J

  • Mike

    Tim, now dealbreaker compares you to James Cramer, http://dealbreaker.com/2008/03/oops_cnbcs_cramer_said.php

  • timsykes

    Yah saw that and I commented back that since I started blogging and detailing all my trades, my results have been anything but random like the big C

  • Mike

    Question for you. A while back you said you just ignore Cramer after having difficulty playing his recommendations either way. But Cramer = ultimate fluff. Why don’t you short into the runup when Cramer recommends something small?

    Either side did you play the Joe Kiernan effect in the late 90s?

  • Mike

    “When Engelberg and his colleagues tested the market data for each of the 246 Mad Money buy recommendations, they discovered the following consistent outcomes for Cramer’s stock picks: – significant short-term price increases (between 1.96% and 5.19%) after he recommended them, but those gains were nearly all reversed within 12 days after the episode”


    Barrons also had cover story with title Shorting Cramer.

  • timsykes

    i’ve played both sides on all the gurus–kieernan, francisco, gilder, cramer’s stuff isn’t as easy–i once took a 12k loss shorting Caterpillar up 15% overnight on cramer’s recco, it never came back down either

  • jt

    now your a movie critic huh! Well whats the deal with the market somebody do something!!!!!! Whos shortin visa?????

  • Zak

    I hope this counts as a comment. It is my birthday on March 20th and would love to have the DVD for my birthday since I can’t afford it.

    Tucson, Arizona
    P.S. (Tim, we spent some time in Tucson together, showed you to the coffee shop, a strip club, and some other places)

  • Mike

    This article makes me think Tim’s Facebook conversation with Dupre was real, http://edition.cnn.com/2008/US/03/13/ashley.myspace/

  • ep

    where the markets go
    financial bull ship not know
    short hype collect dough

    its haiku penny stocking bitch

  • Christian Bolton

    Hey Tim
    Send me the DVD’s. Im just a poor college student trading nano cap stocks,

  • ED

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a big fan! I want to be like YOU! I don’t have a lot of money and I want to grow my portfolio with your help! Can you please send me your CD.

    Thanks in advance! More power!

  • jason

    Ok, I hate to see a man beg! Here is my comment to try to win this DVD set!

  • ED

    LOL. It’s not begging! It’s being polite! 😉

  • marty

    tim, i’m over at st. john’s in queens. you should come out here, i’ll hook you up with a couple sorority girls. last week was a ky jelly wrestling match…your missing out.

  • timsykes

    Cool, you guys are entered into the contest, good luck!

    marty shoot me an email!

  • ED

    Awesome! Good luck on the ky jelly wrestling!

  • Joe

    enter me into contest . Interesting website

  • md-boy

    I am in. Great site. Wish you all the success in your trek to your next million.

  • Antony Borg

    I am trying to learn how to trade ( 7 months) and what I learned already is ; the market is ‘rigged’ ,
    Cant trust what you hear on CNBS , as what people recommend is already set for sale or short , nobody gives anything away its like a cassino , somebody has to lose money to make somebody rich .
    CNBS was a business channel , now only a shady shadow , its like tabloid TV , (TMZ style ) its all about hype and what will make people watch , either pressure the market to go down or up for ratings , picking the ‘guests ‘ like actors that will ‘act ‘ on the ‘bull’ side or ‘bear’ side depending where the ‘pain’ is bigger and the biggest audience will tune to see what is going to happen , its just sad to see all those ‘bobble heads’ (some very nice and sexy , Duprrrrrre could get a job there , I watch ‘Power Lunch’ cause on of those days Michele Cabrera will uncross those legs live , and we will see why we wanted to invade that island…
    CNBS looks more and more like WWE , only difference is costing us money and time , unfortunately now we have to watch to see what are they trying to pump and dump to be aware and plan the opposite way , I blame them for the housing buble (partially…) as I heard day after day after dayb after day since 2004 that we were in a housing buble and finally burst.
    CREAMMER is just a sad clown that had his 15 minutes of fame and now do everything to keep his show ‘fresh and entertainning’ , its all nice and good but did you notice his audience on the ‘ladies night’ ….. that was scary , only a ‘eunuco’ (the guards that had their dicks , cut to watch the Sheik’s wife ) would be around those ‘dragons ‘ God forbid , you dont want to be on a desert island with anyone of those , and the anniversary show , those people have no friends and social life I wish them a better luck , again we watch him for information on what hes going to tell people so we can prepare to go the opposite way .
    Than I found you that seems ‘honest ‘ and are telling how it is and its like a fresh breeze , and I am willing to learn more , but being down 30 % ( Yes I bought FSLR when Crammer said was going to $263 and GOOG when he said was going to be $700 …) sorry , Tym teach me how to fish and if I win your “package’ (dvd , book , Tshirt and a date with Dupree ) I will try to be a better trader , …..is that the light at the end of the tunnel ( your book ) hope you consider me , thanks

  • Antony Borg

    Sorry I did not check the text for misspelings ,
    Michelle Cabrera ‘Island’ I was referring was Cuba .
    By the way , that Dianna on the “home front ” always pushing the house prices down is a disaster and she looks and sounds that at the end of segment will take her ‘broom ‘to go back to head quarters , If I owned that ‘for sale ‘house she uses as a background to ilustrate nobody is buying I would sue CNBS ,
    Mark (red label)squack in the morning, just got paid to show up , bitch about everything , read the paper and ask questions from 20 years ago reality , …
    Ernie Brunet and Bartiromo ….would like to see them on a mud wrestling contest with Dylan as a referee , Ernesto and Kevin could be the ‘horny towel boys’
    and please go easy on the make up department the chinese girl can barely crack a smile …

  • http://www.stuffvilla.com jim

    Ashley Dupre the next big star in america!-lol

  • http://www.3ti.org Paul

    Game Over…I got it. Sorry Guys.

  • oodles


  • http://www.PookieTheLion.com PookieTheLion

    Timothy, so traders know what we think of your book, and while you have have been rated a World Class Trader at http://www.PookieTheLion.com. Here is our comment as posted at our site:
    “Of the hundreds of books in PookieThelion

  • wallie123

    got out at 10.65 profit of $222

  • bill

    bad entry yesterday (11.14) and slightly better exit (10.48). $990 profit.

  • dmitryfink

    +$395 profit, bad entry, out at 10.51. Thanks, Tim!

  • Toh

    Entry @ $11.33
    Exit @ $10.61
    Profit $145.26

  • duzas

    Just returned from holidays.
    KIRK short 11.14 (bad entry) covered 10.41. $150 profit (small position).

  • dannb

    short 300 KIRK @ 11.36, covered 300 @ 10.53. Nice play as usual Tim.

  • DScottvb10

    Got in late in the game, but I still saw potential, sold in the morning panic… profit – $109… piece of cake! Nice work Tim!

  • sonid

    298$ profit will bad entry yesterday. Might try and play it the other way now

  • wilsonblack

    Nice call Tim! Got out at 10.50 for $140 profit

  • dannb

    $237 profit

  • Chris N

    Only put in 100 shares on it, still made 51 bucks!

  • dannb

    Damn it, just realized I missed LIOX… crap!!!

  • BULL

    This must be a stock to discuss on LIVESTOCK tomorrow.

  • duzas

    look at GPRE :)

  • BULL

    By the way, I haven’t received the e-mail when you covered 😉

  • dannb

    I feel dumb,
    only .10, chatrs are deceiving sometimes

  • akpirani83

    500 shares, bad entry 11.17, good exit 10.50
    +335 =]

  • jedihugo

    lolz… Tim’s ballz are as small as mine. Covered @ open for conservative nice profit …

  • richaholes

    bleh, was at the pediatrician…930 appointment, that’s terrible :) still have it, looks like it’s time to unload. still making a profit, thanks Tim.

  • wallie123

    We having Livestock tomorrow Tim, or has it been canceled because of the 4th?

  • tryp

    in @11.35, out at 10.73… +263

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    nice guys, but is this it? the stock was easy to borrow and i have 1300 subscribers!

  • kevinmpatel

    i bought 200 shares at 11.14. was out in the morning and would take a loss if i sold it now. what do you think i should do, tim? ( i know better, bad timing with running errands)

  • wallie123

    Nevermind Tim saw your post on timothysykes.com.

  • BULL

    Tim, imagine what a mess it would be if at least 300 of your subscribers posted their results. 😉

    Is there gonna be Livestock tomorrow?

  • kevinmpatel

    i meant i shorted at 11.14 and now buying to cover would result in another loss. after following your call on bwen the other day (loss of 177 by the way) i made 140 on nvax. (a call i made on my own) now it seems i am about to lose more following your trade. (however, this time i should not have been away from the laptop)

  • SparkChaser

    up $543, my first tim trade, was up about 1 grand, but been having a an internet connection issue caused me 30 seconds of time

  • MIke.S

    got out to late.. +$57

  • ihtfp004

    I missed the KIRK train, so I stalked the stock today and played it patiently. SHORT 500 @11.41 out at 11.31 for an easy $50.

  • BULL

    Hey Tim, if Bernie Madoff had followed your #1 rule ” To cut ones losses short “, probably, he would have saved 150 years in prison, people suffering, and BILLIONS of $.
    I guess he won’t need your DVDs now :-(

  • http://www.google.com/ig Iceman

    Guys, What about SPNG? LFBG?

  • BULL

    Or how about AVNR?

  • wallie123

    volume on CEUA has dried up and now is drifting sideways at $5

  • duzas

    CEUA I shorted yesterday at 5.20. Just 700 shares and I don’t know what to do :) take profit or wait?

  • http://www.google.com/ig Iceman

    What about SPNG? LFBG?

  • wallie123

    short CEUA at 4.91

  • oqsoundo

    up 120! thnx TIM!

    Finally got a hold of shares to short. Easy to borrow rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wallie123

    lost $100 on CEUA this thing just won’t break $5 thought it might breakdown today but it just getting worse as i hold out at 5.05

  • Spit

    Hi Tim, been in the chat room at buysellshort all day so far. Magician is a cool guy. very knowledgable. Thanks for the heads up.

  • wallie123

    Even though i lost a $100 on CEUA my total Tim profit for the week is $500. I am still learning and will get better in time.

  • BULL

    NYSE is going to extend today’s hours, because of technical problems!!!

  • BULL

    Trading hours, I meant. Until 4:15p.m. what a joke.

  • BULL

    It’s like a football game, this means overtime 😉

  • bassman52

    Nice short TIm, outta trades tho i’ll catch the next one!!

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